The Lilly Grove Missionary Baptist Church Usher Ministry was established on July 23, 1963, under the leadership of the late Rev. Norris Terry with the late Bro. Aaron Lundy as President. Bro. Lundy served as president from July 1963 until July 1966. In 1966, Bro. Howard Ware was elected president under the leadership of the late Rev. Willie E. Powell. Bro. Ware served as president until 1968. Sis. Violet Miles Rouse was elected in 1968 with six ushers. Sis. Rouse served as president until 1975 with twenty-nine senior ushers and twenty junior Ushers. Sis. Lulu Mitchell served as president from 1975 to 1976. In 1976, Bro. Albert Burnet was elected president and served until 1980. During this time, Sis. Toledo Johnson and Sis. Patsy Dennis served as Junior Matrons. Bro. Joe Tippet was president from 1980 to 1983 and Bro. Bobby Wesley was president from 1983 to 1987 both under the leadership of Rev. C. W. Wallace. In 1987 Sis. Shirley Hannibal was elected president and served until 1988 with Sis. Hastle Murray serving as Junior Matron. Sis. Hastle Murray was elected president in 1988 and served until 1989. Sis. Lucindia Tillman and Sis. Delores Tarver served as Junior Matrons from 1988 to 1989. In 1989, Bro. Bobby Wesley was re-elected as president and served until 1993. Sis. Birdie Lee Chadwick served as Junior Matron during this time. Assisting Sis. Chadwick was Sis. Shirley Hannibal and Bro. Purvis Wagner. Bro. Charles Leonard was elected president in 1993 and served until 1994. In 1994, Bro. Purvis Wagner was elected president and remained president of Usher Board #1 until December 2005.

In 1994 under Rev. Terry Anderson’s leadership, Usher board #2 was organized. Bro. Charles Leonard was elected president of Usher Board #2 and served as president until 1998. The Junior Usher Board was re-organized on April 10, 1994. Sis. Sibyl Anderson was appointed as matron with Sis. Laura Jones as an assistant matron with ten (10) Junior ushers. Under the direction of Sis. Anderson, the Junior Usher Board grew to include twenty ushers. Sis. Anderson served as president from 1994 to 2001. Sis. Laura Jones was appointed as Junior Matron and continues to serve in that capacity. Bro. Rufus Johnson was elected as president in 1998 of Usher Board #2 and served until 2002. Sis. Brenda Thomas was elected as president of Usher Board #2 in 2002 and served until January 2004. It is at that time Sis. Kathy Allen became president. In January 2006, Kathryn Johnson was elected as president of Usher Board #1.  Sis. Kathy Allen continued to serve as president of Usher Board #2. In 2007, Usher Board #1, #2, and Junior Usher Board were combined to one board with Deacons Reginald Mack, Andrew Taylor, and Bobby Wesley serving as liaisons. Sis. Kathy Allen and Sis. Kathryn Johnson served as coordinators for one year. On January 1, 2008, Sis. Kathy Allen was elected president of the Usher Ministry and served until December 2018. Bro. Dallas Singleton appointed President in December 2018.

Youth Ushers

Greeters Ministry

A Church Greeter is one of the simplest yet essential positions in the church. We serve as a vital function of expressing the welcoming of Christ to those who enter Lilly Grove.

The Greeters Ministry Objective is to enhance the Lilly Grove worship experience through extending warm, loving, and inviting spiritual hospitality to everyone attending worship services and other key events; serve as Hospitality Ambassadors; align with and support the goals of the Church and bring glory to God by what He achieves through the ministry.

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7:30 am
Lilly Grove Baptist Church - MAIN SANCTUARY

Ministry Leaders

Bro. Dallas Singleton - Usher President

Sis. Cloydia Garrette - Greeters Ministry Coordinator

For More Information


Bro. Dallas Singleton, Usher President/Sis. Sherry Harris – Usher Vice President   E-Mail: [email protected]

Sis. Cloydia Garrette, Greeters Ministry Coordinator  E-Mail: [email protected]