Benefits of SHELBY Next



  • View/Edit your contact information like phone numbers, email addresses, etc. for all members of your household.
  • View your Giving record: As you give your tithes and gifts, these will appear on your record in ShelbyNext. 
  • Check children in to ministry events
  • Register for Church Sponsored events
  • Leaders of Ministry areas, Lilly Grove Teachers, etc., will be able to contact their groups and attendance

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ShelbyNext Membership?

ShelbyNext Membership is part of Lilly Grove’s church management software. It allows members to access the current member directory, update personal contact information, view contribution history and print contribution statements right from your own computer or with a free app on their smartphones.

The software is developed and hosted by Shelby Systems, the same company that developed the original Shelby software that the church has been using for several years.

Why are we doing this?

Churches today have different technology needs than they did 20, 10, or even 5 years ago. In addition, members have different expectations than they had in the past. Most of our members now access all kinds of information from home computers and phones.

For years members have been asking for a way to view the directory online and to view their own giving record. With ShelbyNext we now have a software system that provides members secure access while giving staff and church leaders improved tools to manage membership, contributions and finances.

Do I have to use ShelbyNext Membership?

We encourage you to give it a try. Certain Ministers, Deacons, Ministry Leaders and Church Volunteers may need to use the management and group features to fulfill their responsibilities.

In fact, the staff and a number of church leaders are already using ShelbyNext on a daily basis.

What’s wrong with the paper directory?

A printed directory is almost always out of date by the time you receive it. Our members change contact information frequently, and ShelbyNext Membership will give you the most up-to-date information.

Can I have someone else update my information rather than using ShelbyNext?

Our support team will be available after each service during March Membership Madness to assist you as well. Of course - the office staff is always happy to do this for you! 

How can I change my password?

Web version: Click the account tab, enter new password, confirm new password, scroll down and click the green save button.

Phone app: Touch your name to open My Details, touch Change Password, enter new password, confirm new password, touch OK.

Will my password ever expire?


I am having trouble logging in

Try clicking Forgot My Password and following those instructions.

If you still cannot login, contact the Church Office at 713-748-7324 or email [email protected].

How can I view my giving history and pledges?

Computer: Click on the giving tab. First you will see your pledge history. Scroll down to view individual transactions.

Phone App: Touch your name to go to My Details, touch Giving, scroll down to see pledges, touch full giving history to see individual transactions.

What should I do if I find an error in my giving?

Please contact Laura Holmes at [email protected] or 713-748-7324.

Are you sure no one can see my giving history?

Provided you keep your password safe and logout of ShelbyNext when you are done using a public computer, only you and the Lilly Grove’s church staff who handles church finances can view your individual giving record.

What do I do if I find an error in my personal info?

You can propose an edit of your own information or contact the church office to make the change for you. To edit your information:

Computer: click the edit tab, make changes, scroll to the bottom and click the green Save button.

Phone app: touch your name to go to My Details, select the edit option at the bottom left, correct information and then touch Save in the upper right corner.

NOTE: A staff member will approve your changes within 24 hours.

Who can see the directory?

Only Lilly Grove Staff and Members who are listed in the directory can view the directory.

What can other members see?

Other members can only see your directory information.

This includes address, birth month and day, and the names of your household family members.

What if I don’t want my data listed in the directory?

Visit the “My Info” section on the landing page, select the three dots (…) next to their picture or silhouette and click “Profile Visibility”.

Select the data you would like to restrict and by moving the white circle to the left and then click the “Save” button at the bottom of the screen.

What if one of my family members is missing from my ShelbyNext profile?

Please contact Laura Holmes at [email protected] or call the church office at 713-748-7324.

If you have any other questions not listed above

Please contact Laura Holmes at [email protected] or call the church office at 713-748-7324.

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