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As the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s easy to see how much our lives have changed. Mask mandates, social distancing and new vaccines have forced many of us to change the way we live our lives – and how we worship.

Today, many spiritual relationships are being formed from home. Over the past 12 months our church leadership has received significant feedback and interest from our virtual members to expand our online ministry offerings.

YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are playing a significant role in the delivery of Pastor Anderson’s weekly messages and establishing Lilly Grove Missionary Baptist Church as a relevant body of believers, globally.

Thanks to you - we are proud to introduce “Lilly Grove Global Ministries”, a new ministry dedicated to bridging the gap between in-person worship and the distanced, virtual experience.

Are you ready to expand your relationship with God?

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How To Join

Starting in 2023, Lilly Grove is excited to announce a new opportunity for virtual members to connect with God like never before as our YouTube channel begins welcoming “Global Partners” to our giving circle.

We invite you and your family to join our growing community of like-minded, God-fearing Christians looking for a church home of their own – online. For a $4.99 monthly commitment, Lilly Grove Global Partners will receive a virtual worship experience like never before.

Your generous monthly commitment allows us to create new, exclusive content as we continue to grow God’s word across the globe – virtually.

Click the link below to become a Lilly Grove Global Partner today! 

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Partnership Benefits

  • Weekly Prayer and Words of Encouragement
  • Monthly Bible Study with Church Leadership
  • Expanded Walk in the Word with Rev. Terry K. Anderson
  • Exclusive Member Only Interviews with Baptist Leaders
  • Exclusive Global Partner Badges and Recognition
  • Access to "The Grove” Weekly Newsletter

Looking further into 2023 we are also exploring;

  • Exclusive, Non-Broadcasted Sermons
  • Unlimited, Ad-free Access to our Extensive Sermon Library
  • Special “Global Only” Live Ministry Events

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