Scholarship Information

Guidelines for Collegiate Academic Scholarship


  1. Lilly Grove Collegiate Academic Scholarship for Undergraduate recipients will be selected annually by the Scholarship committee.


  1. Parameters for selection will include: commitment to studies and academic program, progress towards degree(s), character, campus involvement, financial need, and continued support and fellowship with Lilly Grove Church.


  1. Recipients will be notified by phone call, email, or letter.


  1. Awards will be given to college sophomores, juniors, or seniors. Scholarships will be awarded only for undergraduate study. RECIPIENTS WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON SUNDAY, AUGUST 12, 2018.


  1. The award is to be used during the 2018-2019 school year for academic purposes such as tuition, fees, room, board, and/or books.


  1. Scholarship funds are payable to educational institutions and/or recipients.


  1. Scholarship funds are disbursed for the fall semester.


  1. Student can only receive scholarship funds for four years from their initial college enrollment. If the undergraduate college major is a five-year program, the student may be eligible to receive funds for the additional year.


  1. No monetary award can be sent to your designated college without the required documents listed.


  1. Scholarship recipients are to attend the undergraduate scholarship luncheon

that will be held immediately after the 11:00 A.M. worship service on August 12, 2018.



Required Documents:


APPLICATION:  Scholarship applications and all required materials must be submitted and received by the scholarship committee by the JULY 22, 2018 deadline date. No late applications or parts of the application packet will be accepted.

TRANSCRIPT:   Candidates must submit proof of academic standing.  Student must be in good standing with the church and their institution, have a minimum of 2.75 cumulative overall grade point average, and be enrolled full-time with a minimum of 12 credits per semester. Students will earn at least 30 semester hours per year which would include summer credits.


ESSAY:  Candidate must write a 250- word essay telling why he/she feels qualified to be considered for the Lilly Grove Scholarship.

PROOF OF REGISTRATIONCandidate must submit a financial statement that shows the classes in which he/she is enrolled for the fall semester.



The Lilly Grove Missionary Baptist Church

Scholarship Committee

[email protected]