Medical Center Navigators

Mission: The mission of the Lilly Grove Medical Center Navigators (LGMCN) is to provide assistance and direction, for patients and their families, who are receiving care in the Texas Medical Center (TMC). LGMCN will assist with reviewing lodging accommodations, both long and short stays, and other assistance with locating available services/options needed to help support and maintain some normalcy during treatment in the TMC.

Our services primarily consists of visits, having prayer, assistance with parking/parking tokens, meal assistance and scheduling appointments and visits. We are also happy to make referrals to the various social workers at each institution. We are a small yet effective ministry and can be reached directly or through Sis. Kimble. Gwen Tate and I co-chair the group and our members are as follows:

MD Anderson – Ryan Thompson, Corliss Denman

Methodist – Frank and Paula Williams

St. Luke’s – Yvette Gilmore, Gerrie Jones

Memorial-Hermann Sandra Winn, Garieth Carraway

Texas Children’s Karen Hinton

UT Health Cheryl Campbell

Ben Taub Rita Mack, Gwen Tate