Kingdom Men’s National Day Of Prayer

As Kingdom Men in a Community of Faith, we are collectively recognizing the “National Day of Prayer” by featuring 15 consecutive hours of extended prayer.  We are seeking no fewer than 30 men to join in our chain of brothers on the front line in prayer from 6:00am to 9:00pm on Thursday May 2nd.  To help us successfully accomplish this Prayer Project – please visit the Lilly Grove Website before Thursday to claim a 30-minute portion of our 15 Hour Chain.

Please help us to cover as many of the 30 30-minute slots as we can to make it a truly unending 15 Hour Chain.  We welcome all men of the church to help us fashion this human prayer chain with volunteer participation throughout the day.  Visit (, select your prayer time(s) and if you will help form our physical chain on campus in our designated Prayer Spot or the virtual chain from wherever you choose to pray.  Redundancies in time are welcomed on or off campus, but the greater effort is to cover 15 consecutive hours.

If you’d like some manual support with claiming a time please email us before May 2nd at ([email protected]), or ([email protected]) and you can be placed into the chain according to your requests, on or off campus.  Our mission is sizeable, but we are well able to make this another mission accomplished.

For more information about the Kingdom Men’s Academy, or detailed men’s ministry scheduling, please email us ([email protected] ) anytime. Rev. C. Washington can be reached for inquiries ([email protected]) as the lead KMA facilitator.