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Contact Us

We at Lilly Grove would love to hear from you.

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Church Office Hours:

Monday – Friday 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Email: [email protected]

Office Fax: 713-748-8923

Office Phone: 713-748-7324


203    Laura Holmes Church Secretary                    [email protected]
205    Rev. Carlos Washington Associate Pastor     [email protected]
206    Earnest Lofton Minister of Music                    [email protected] 
207    Carol Calhoun Audio Ministry                          [email protected]
216    Rudy Thompson Church Accountant              [email protected]
209   Terrance Williams IT Department                    [email protected]
212   Brent Gilmore Facility & Grounds Manager      [email protected]
215   Charntae Bedford Administrative Assistant     [email protected]
217   Maintenance
219   Elmer Rogers Christian Education Dept.
222   Hazel Kimble Church Business Administrator   [email protected]
226   Rev. Thomas Davis Staff Minister                       [email protected]
236   Sandra Scott Administrative Assistant             [email protected]