Newcomers Welcome

The word around the Lilly Grove church is that we have a new member. Would you happen to know anything about that? Well, to us, there is nothing more wonderful than the news of a new addition to our already amazing faith family. Welcome aboard!  My correspondence today is to assure you that your presence is noted and appreciated. Please know that our staff is always a call or email away to assist you in your insertion into our ministry.

Your first assignment is to become a part of the New Member Orientation Class that meets each Sunday morning, in the Media Sanctuary area at 9:30am. You will be receiving some very helpful information during those sessions. Additionally, you will receive other directions toward other steps in the Lilly Grove orientation process. Please know that your membership remains incomplete until you have completed all the steps of the orientation process. The Right Hand of Fellowship, given to all new members during a monthly Lord’s Supper Service, is the first mark of their total acceptance into our body of Christian believers. It is also the determination of the pastor and the governing body that all members be placed into a church school class.

Every member of the Lilly Grove MBC are designated a Deacon Family Ministry team. This Deacon Family Ministry team will become a major vehicle of contact toward your life in the Lilly Grove church. Because the group is generally located in the region of your homestead, they will endeavor to befriend you and your family for your total spiritual good and worth in the fellowship.

New Member, please know that we are so excited about your new life, here at the Lilly Grove Church.  In the coming weeks, some representative of your Deacon Family Ministry Team will contact you. Other auxiliaries of the church offering their spirited hellos and welcomes may also contact you. If you have questions or concerns about the ministries practices and policies, please bring them with you to share during the orientation sessions. In other extreme occasions please call the church office during regular work hours.  Thanks for making the spiritual choice to become a part of our church family. We look forward to becoming co-laborers together with you in the establishing of the body of Christ.


Carlos Washington,
Associate Pastor